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General overview

ABR, Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation is a method that allows the biological and advanced mechanical rehabilitation of the child. 


The method was developed by Professor Leonid Blyum in Hasselt, Belgium. Convinced that musculoskeletal deformities could be treated with quasi-static manual therapy (long and gentle pressures), he decided to develop the ABR method for patients with neurological damage (often brain damage). Today, ABR is taught to parents of children with cerebral palsy and to instructors and caregivers in many countries. 

Main objectives of the method

The objective of the ABR is the complete revalidation of the musculoskeletal structure to allow for better functional use.  

Specificities of the method

The program includes specific exercises to be done at home (between 12 and 15 hours per week). The child is first examined by a specialized team in biomechanical tests to show parents the visible differences in structure, volume and mobility between the child's body and that of a typical child. Then, parents are trained over two days in the theory and technique to become able to apply the ABR technique at home. 

ABR trainers only help parents by showing them the techniques to apply, but it is up to the parent to apply them on a daily basis with their child. 

Who is this method for ?

The method is intended for parents who are looking for more progress and who want to work with children and adolescents with cerebral palsy or developmental disorders themselves.

What parents say about it

"ABR has a completely different philosophy from that of conventional medicine and doctors. However, their opinions and predictions are still confirmed. »

John Karampelkos, father of Anastasia 


"Since September 2005, there have been changes in my body:

a more mobile and stable head carrier

better motor skills: I discover my legs again and I can move more easily when sitting or lying down

better swallowing

more oral communication and a stronger feeling in my tongue and mouth. For the past two months I have been singing with my older sister, it is an exercise that I love and that enchants all those who hear me

especially a well-being: much less pain, tension, involuntary tightness. »

Blog, Friends of Johanna

To know more about the topic

The official website:

ABR Scotland's website:


ABR America's website:


The ABR Denmark website:


ABR: Biological and mechanical rehabilitation of children, Krysta Bynens,


Any remarks or comments ?

This work is based on a collaborative approach to sharing research and family experience.

If you have any comments, suggestions for modifications or corrections or clarifications to make, please let us know by email at

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