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Why ?

  • Develop interactions, communication, assertiveness, self-esteem

  • Promote the emergence of language and all forms of communication  

  • Put in place the appropriate alternative communication tools allowing the development of the child  

  • Numerous studies on the benefits of rhythm and music

  • Promote the development of interactions and expression

  • Work on language, expression, pronunciation, orality

  • Identify specific needs and tools adapted to alternative communication

  • Promote auditory integration, improvement of the auditory process and sound discernment

What approaches?

  1. Speech therapy

  2. Art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy

  3. Alternative and augmented communication: Makaton, PECS, tablets 

  4. Talk Tools, Senez method, DNP (Natural Speech Dynamics)

  5. Hearing integration

  6. Stimulation by filtered music: Tomatis, Intergrated Listening systems

  7. ForBrain Helmet

How? 'Or' What ?

Approaches to the development of

communication and  language

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