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Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy

General overview

Acupuncture is a Chinese technique, whose original name is Zhen Jiu, meaning "art of metal needles and moxibustion. » 
Using needles, moxa, suction cups and massage, the acupuncturist accompanies the patient "on the path to balance". 

Auriculotherapy is a special acupuncture technique in which the therapist stimulates certain points around or in the patient's ear. The objective is to detect and correct certain imbalances. The axiom of this technique is that the ear represents a dashboard of the human body, and that many ailments can be resolved through the ear. It was officially recognized by the WHO in 1990, which defined 43 ear points.

Main objectives of the method

Auriculotherapy :
Restoring homeostasis by stimulating the brain stem which houses the nuclei of several cranial nerves, some of which (V, VII, IV, X) innervate the ear pavilions.
Stimulation of the auricles therefore indirectly stimulates the brain stem. The brain stem is itself an interface between the brain and the spinal cord, itself connected to the whole body (limbs, trunk, viscera...).
Consequently, the stimulation of the external ears can have consequences on the ascending and descending pathways of the brain, thus influencing the homeostasis of the whole body.
Targeted results
Neuromodulation of the major neurological functions: sensoriality, motricity, tonicity, posture, sensitivity, cognition...
Pain reduction, nerve wave stimulation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety...

Specificities of the method

An acupuncture session for children takes place differently from a session for adults. Very small needles can be held in place with a pantyhose, leaving the child free to move and have fun while the treatment is taking place.

During an auriculotherapy session, the practitioner acts through needles, massage or laser. 

Who is this method for ?

Acupuncture and auriculotherapy are primarily intended for people suffering from pain, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders. 

What parents say about it

The treatment is adapted according to the baby's age and needs. The baby can be treated in the arms of one of the parents, if necessary. It is also possible to breastfeed the baby or give him a bottle during treatment. The baby can be treated in the first weeks of life.

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Any remarks or comments ?

This work is based on a collaborative approach to sharing research and family experience.

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