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Our manifesto

More than 1 in 10 children are neuro-atypical. 

This means his brain works differently.


Dyslexic, hyperactive, autistic, hemiplegic: more than 1 in 10 children are diagnosed.

Restless, impossible, aggressive, associable, slow, distracted, demotivated ... everyone is also given a label, which, unconsciously but inevitably, desocializes and in a certain way, excludes.


What these children also have in common is a brain which possesses extraordinary plasticity and which is particularly sensitive to positive stimuli that can radically change their trajectory.


Our collective is called "Sors de Ta Case".  


Because we refuse to allow these children to be put in boxes, and because we want to help them to flourish, to live with their difference, because we all have our differences.   


And because, in order to do this, we also force ourselves to step out of our own boxes, our cultural, medical and therapeutic patterns forged over decades in a society that puts in boxes.  


By going elsewhere to explore what is best for these different children.


By bringing together specialists, doctors, therapists, but with the desire to get out of our specialties, to create bridges and collaborations.


By shaping together approaches that can change everything for these children, and by giving them a chance, without dogma or any other conviction that there are necessarily other approaches to be invented.

By sharing information, between professionals and with parents, on what works, what makes it possible to see progress, on what makes these children and families feel better.   


Today, we take each of our boxes to all meet in one place. 

To concentrate, exchange, and progress together, in a unique place that is unlike any other.


Located in the heart of Clichy, this “Accelerator” of knowledge, knowledge and experience will allow us to welcome and bring together specialists, families and associations, to work together for these children.


For the first time, sensory, bodily, nutritional, cognitive and technological therapeutic approaches will resonate and collaborate to better appreciate the contributions of interdisciplinarity.


The ambition of the Sors de Ta Case Accelerator is that, from Clichy, a unique approach to supporting neuro-atypical children begins, which is nourished by plural contributions and which shines wherever children are affected by these disorders, so that everyone, children, parents and specialists, can  of his isolation.


Place yourself on square one. The adventure begin.

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