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General overview

The Dragonfly is a trunk orthopaedic system that combines warm-and-form spinal technology with the Theratogs portable system to form a personalized orthosis that is integrated into the patient's body.


The Theratogs is a velcro system that wraps around the torso with a system of velcro straps that allow external pressure to be applied.

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Main objectives of the method

The Dragonfly also allows the clinician to customize the spinal support anchored to the patient's pelvis to facilitate chest stability. Without obstructing the patient's breathing or requiring a clamping tool. In the long term, Dragonfly allows neuromotor improvements by acting on postural problems.


Beyond simply immobilizing the spine, the Dragonfly offers an orthopaedic solution that is part of the patient's daily life. It can also help bone growth in cases of bone delays.

Specificities of the method

"Warm and form" means that the Dragonfly is first heated and softened, so that it can be wrapped and adapted around the patient's body. It then cools and hardens, forming a rigid trunk support spinal orthosis that is unique to each patient.



The doctor wraps the orthosis around the patient to provide stability for the bust while remaining flexible and able to perform movements.

Who is this method for ?

Dragonfly is intended for patients with mild and functional scoliosis that can be corrected without force, truncal hypotonia, flexible kyphosis, flexible lordosis, excessive pelvic inclination, weak trunk muscles, osteoporosis.

What parents say about it

The weight of the brace is very light. Especially for children, since paediatric orthotics weigh less than 500 grams.


In addition, the patient can wear the Dragonfly very discreetly, under relatively large clothes.

Scientific references

The clinical impact of orthotic correction of lower limb rotational deformities in children with cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial, Clinical Rehabilitation 2014, Vol. 28(10) 1004-1014, Ehab Mohamed Abd El-Kafy. (2014)


Orthopedic intervention consisting of a static ankle and foot orthosis, combined with the TheraTogs strap system, improves gait more than conventional treatment, with or without TheraTogs, in children with diplegic spastic cerebral palsy.

Any remarks or comments?

This work is based on a collaborative approach to sharing research and family experience.

If you have any comments, suggestions for modifications or corrections or clarifications to make, please let us know by email at

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