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General overview

These therapies aim to improve children's motor functions through exercises performed on machines, in therapeutic centres or at home (if purchased). 


They allow a great repetition of the gesture which is guided, and therefore precise, and this without human guidance and in a playful way. 

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Main objectives of the method

Objectives of Giger MD (created more than 30 years ago by a treatment centre in Switzerland):


Develop certain motor functions (four-legged, walking or grasping an object), strengthen muscles and balance, improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions, reduce spasticity... 


Short-term: to increase the training capacity, made possible with less effort and in a more autonomous way. 


Long-term: leads to motor improvements, which would probably be much less with one physiotherapy session per week. 


MOTOmed's objectives:


Initiate or improve walking ability, regulate muscle tone in children with spastic paralysis.

Specificities of the method

Simple and fun physical exercise on bicycles - several times a week - 10min to 1h - can be done from home (independence) - with progress monitoring with access to data 


Specific features of the Giger MD:


The simultaneous rotation of the arms and hands (with crossed movements, i. e. right hand - left leg / left leg / left hand - right leg, accelerates motor acquisitions such as "four-legged" or walking.

The movement is assisted by a crank handle (by the professional or parent) and allows the necessary assistance to be dosed so that the child participates in the movement, while always being adjusted to his or her ability.


















MOTOmed method: 


For the moment, only two models are suitable for children's anatomy: 


MOTOmed slender12: from a chair or wheelchair. Configured as a game with the presence of a happy little boy figure jumping on the screen. It rewards physical effort and motivates to extend the training time. 

MOTOmed letto2 legs/arm for children: lying on a bed. Can be installed on the left, right or foot of the bed thanks to the swivelling motor console: possible use in narrow spaces.


Combination of 3 movements: passive (contributes to a reduction in muscle tone during spastic paralysis and prevents the appearance of muscle shortening and contractures) - motor-assisted (allows active training, even with very low muscle strength) - active (with own muscle strength against adjustable resistance).

Who is this method for ?

To children with motor disorders and parents seeking treatment that can be done independently without medical personnel, with a high degree of repetition of movement, while remaining stimulating/playful for the child. Can be combined with any other treatment.  


Giger MD : 

In particular in cases of cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, brain damage, para and quadriplegia...



Simple and flexible handling in daily care. Possible for narrow spaces.

What parents say about it

Giger MD : 


"Kids love the machine! "She wants to use the machine by herself"

"Many people are amazed when they see how well he is able to walk." 

"She does things I never thought she'd be able to do one day." 

"The range of his personal interests has broadened! »




"This instrument will allow Thais to gently mobilize her lower and upper limbs with different programs and all this in complete safety and at home. This will be very beneficial and will allow him to strengthen his muscles, reduce spasms, increase flexibility..."

 "My son Pascal has not been able to move without pain so far because of his cerebral palsy. At home, the slender MOTOmed12 allows him to mobilize regularly and painlessly - despite his spasms. The tone is regulated and the muscles are softened and developed. It is important to me that my son trains with pleasure, especially when he can let the animated figure Max jump on the screen.

Scientific references

According to the site, positive results of the Giger MD therapy have been evaluated by about fifteen scientific publications but no sources found.


"The regular use of MOTOmed gracile 12 movement can help to improve mobility and range of movement and thus open up prospects for the child's social adaptation in society".

Source: Nurmatova S, Khamraev F, Mirzaev A, Diehl W. The Effectiveness of Rehabilitations of Active and Passive MOTOmedTherapy on Children with Cerebral Palsy. Nevrologia 2012; 1(53) 34-37.
4-week study, 10 to 25min 5 times a week: "significant to highly significant" improvement in muscle tone and strength (analysis of statistical results)


"The combined therapeutic program of "three-needle Jin therapy" and MOTOmed intelligent motor training improves the motor function of the lower limbs of children with cerebral palsy and is more effective than using MOTOmed alone. »
Impacts on the lower limb motor function in children with spastic cerebral palsy treated by Jin three-needle therapy combined with MOTOmed intelligent motor training


"MOTOmed movement therapy combined with conventional rehabilitation improves mobility and daily living activities for patients with hemiplegia. »

Effects of MOTOmed movement therapy on the mobility and activities of daily living of stroke patients with hemiplegia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Any remarks or comments?

This work is based on a collaborative approach to sharing research and family experience.

If you have any comments, suggestions for modifications or corrections or clarifications to make, please let us know by email at

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